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 Terms & Conditions Of Trade

1. General 
1.1 Definitions 
1.1.1 “The Company” is INTHENET PTY LTD T/AS AUSJET INKJET SUPPLIES, related corporations, trading entities, authorised servants and Agents 
1.1.2 “The Customer” is the Corporation, person or entity that places an order or makes a request for goods or services, or takes delivery of goods or services pursuant to the placement of 
an order with the Company, whether such order be oral, in writing or transmitted via some electronic system such as, but not limited to, E-mail or Internet Web Page. 
1.1.3 “The Goods” refer to items ordered by the Customer and items sent to the Company by the Customer for the Company to provide a Service in relation to those items. 
1.1.4 “The Services” or “Services” refer to the services provided by the Company from time to time as requested by the Customer. 
1.1.5 “Working Director” is a Director actually involved in the day to day running of the Company. 
1.2 These Terms and Conditions supersede all previous communications either oral or written.
1.2.1 These Terms and Conditions apply to all our goods or services contracts and any order placed with the Company by the Customer, constitutes the Customer’s agreement to be bound 
by these Terms and Conditions. 
1.2.2 Any quotation or tender by the Company shall be deemed to be subject to these Terms and Conditions. 
1.2.3 No term or condition in any communication (including any order) by the Customer shall add, amend or delete all or any of these Terms and Conditions unless specifically agreed to 
in writing by the Finance Manager, or in his or her absence any Working Director of the company or other person authorised by the Managing Director to do so 
2. Provision of Credit and Payment Terms 
2.1 Credit will not be provided without a correctly completed Credit Application form 
 2.2 Credit will not be provided unless: 
 2.2.1 Average monthly spending equals or exceeds $300 
 2.2.2 The Customer has been purchasing from the Company for at least (3) months 
 2.3 The provision of credit will be at the discretion of the Finance Manager also dependent on the information supplied in the Credit Application and the policies of the Company at the 
time the Credit 
 Application is being considered 
2.4 Payment terms are full payment of invoice 14 days from the end of the month in which the charge was incurred. Any variation in Payment Terms will be at the discretion of the 
Finance Manager, 
dependent on the information supplied in the Credit Application and such variation will be in writing. Payment Terms will be printed on the Customer’s Invoice. 
2.5 Where credit has not been provided or where a Credit Application has not yet been supplied to or approved by the Company, the Customer must pay for any Goods or Services prior 
to delivery of 
such Goods or Services prior to delivery of such Goods or Services or payment may be made on a COD basis. Payments by COD will incur extra charges. 
3. Supply of Goods 
3.1 The Company will arrange to deliver Goods to the Customer by the Company’s appointed delivery service unless otherwise requested by the Customer. 
 3.1.1 Where goods are sent via the Customer’s delivery service, all risk with regard to delivery of the Goods passes to the Customer when the Goods leave the Company’s premises. 
3.2 Any time quoted for delivery of Goods are estimates only and the Company shall not be subject to any liability whatsoever for failure to deliver or for delay in delivery arising from 
any cause 
3.3 The Customer shall not be relieved of any obligation to accept or pay for Goods by reason of any delay in delivery or despatch. 
3.4 The Company reserves the right to deliver in instalments and each instalment shall be deemed to be sold under a separate contract. 
3.5 Subject to Sub-Clause 3.1.1, the Goods supplied by the Company shall be at the Customer’s risk immediately upon delivery to the Customer or into the custody of anyone acting on 
the Customer’s behalf, whichever is the earlier. 
3.6 Title in the Goods supplied remains with the Company until such time as the Goods, the subject of each order or request, are paid for in full. Until such time as the Goods are paid 
for in full, the Customer shall store the goods in such manner as to show clearly that they are the property of the Company and in a manner that ensures that the Goods are secure and 
not exposed to risk of damage or pilfering. 
3.7 Until such time as the Goods have been paid for in full, the Customer is at liberty to sell or use the Goods, in the ordinary course of business, as agents of the Company and shall 
account to the Company for the proceeds thereof. This includes proceeds obtained where the Goods in which the Company still has title are incorporated in products manufactured or 
finished by the Customer and resold. 
3.8 Freight charges apply to all orders but may be waived under special conditions at the discretion of a working Director, or other person authorised by the Managing Director of the 
Company to do so. 
3.9 The Customer will be liable to the Company for all and any loss or damage to any goods in which the Company retains title and which are in the Customer’s possession, custody or 
control and whether or not caused by any act or omission of the Customer. 
4 Non-Payment 
4.1 If the Customer fails to pay any sum of money owing to the Company for the supply of Goods by the due date of payment, the Company may at any time thereafter enter the 
Customer’s premises 
 whether the Goods are or are reasonably suspected of being situated, without liability for trespass or any resulting damage, and retake possession of those Goods using reasonable 
force to do so. 
4.2 The Customer shall be liable to pay all reasonable expenses including legal fees incurred by the Company as a result of non-payment for goods supplied by the Company in 
accordance with 2.3, 
including the cost of service of notices or demands and any other procedures necessary (including Court procedures) to enable the Company to recover monies owing to it. 
5 Returns 
 5.1 On receipt of goods, the Customer shall inspect the said Goods and determine whether or not they satisfy the customer’s order. If the Customer has reason to allege that any of the 
Goods are not 
 in accordance with the Customer’s order then the Customer shall advise the Company in writing of the circumstances within seven (7) days from the date of Invoice or three (3) days 
from the 
 date of delivery, whichever is the later. 
5.2 Goods must not be returned for any reason whatsoever unless authorised by a representative of the Company. When so authorised the Customer will be provided with a Returns 
Number (RAN). The RAN will refer only to those particular Goods that the Customer has alleged to be at fault at the time of notifying the Company as provided in sub-clause 5.1 
5.3 The RAN must appear on the address side of the package otherwise the Goods may not be accepted and may be returned to the Customer in which case the Customer will be liable 
subsequent freight costs. The Company’s representative will advise by what method the Goods are to be returned and the Customer will be liable for any freight charges for any 
Goods returned by any other method not authorised by the Company or it’s representatives. 
6 Liability 
 6.1 In no event shall the Company be liable for any special, incidental or consequential damages including damages for loss of business profits, business interruption or loss of 
information which may be suffered or incurred 
 or which may arise directly or indirectly as a result of the use of the Goods by the Customer and without limitation the Company shall not bear any liability for any loss of or damage 
to the Goods or 
 non-delivery, delay in delivery, concealed damage, deterioration, contamination or evaporation of Goods held in the Company’s care, custody or control or any consequential loss or 
 caused apart from the loss caused or occasioned by any criminal acts of the servants, agents or employees of the Company. 
6.2 The Company’s liability for any breach of warranty or condition implied by law shall be and is limited to either: 
 6.2.1 In the case of goods, the replacement of the Goods, the supply of equivalent Goods or Goods of equivalent value or the correction of any defect in the Goods as the Company may 
reasonably determine necessary, and 
 6.2.2 In the case of Services, the supplying of the Services again within twelve (12) calendar months after the goods have been delivered. 
 6.3 The parties to this agreement shall not be liable for any delay or failure to perform their obligations, apart from a failure to pay monies validly owing, if the failure or delay is due to 
any cause 
or condition beyond the control of the party and in particular, without limitation, any delay, failure, damage or loss due to fire, flood, act of God, industrial disturbance, failure of 
telecommunications networks, act of vandalism, sabotage, civil services disruption, War, changes in legislation or regulation of any Government, or refusal or revocation of any 
licence or 
consent by the Government or any other competent authority. 
7 Prices 
7.1 Unless otherwise stated, all prices quoted by the Company are net, exclusive of Goods and Services Tax (GST) 
7.2 If the Company makes alterations to the price of the Goods or to any of their inputs either before acceptance of or during the currency of the contract, the alterations are to the 
Customer’s account. 
8 Jurisdiction 
8.1 These Terms and Conditions shall be construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Queensland and any proceedings against the Company shall be brought in that State. 

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