Wholesale Inkjet & Laser Supplies

We supply hundreds of shops and eCommerce sites across Australia, New Zealand and Asia with everything inkjet and laser from bulk ink and parts to premium quality non-original compaitable inkjet and laser cartridges.

If you are looking for an experienced, professional and competitive company to supply and support your business then perhaps we could be of assistance.


Unless otherwise stated, all printer cartridge consumables we supply, be it parts or complete units are not from the original equipment/printer manufacturer or brand.

Our parts and cartridges are non genuine, compaitable, aftermarket products and should not be considered, promoted or on-sold as if genuine brands.

Although we source and test to the highest possible quality available, our printing consumable products may not be expected to match the standard of the original equipment/printer manufacturer or brand.

Proud suppliers of:

Sensient Ink    Koala Paper     Ausjet Cartridges

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