Ausjet is the Official Distributor for Sensient Desktop Inkjet Inks in Australia and New Zealand. Sensient is a worldwide leader in inkjet and colorant technology and has been setting the standard for product performance for over 50 years. Their latest S.M.A.R.T patented inkjet technology is leading the industry in ink performance over a wide range of media.

Recently we have introduced Kodak to our Desktop Bulk Inks. The world's biggest Imaging Brand with over 115 years of Colour Science behind it is now available to you.


Ausjet Supplies a wide range of Sensient bulk inks for the cartridge (refilling) recycling, postal and barcode industries. Download our Sensient and Kodak Inkjet Ink Compatibility (updated 09/08/18) guide to find the right ink for your cartridge or browse through our vast range using the subcategories below.