Ausjet was established in 1986 and have owed their longevity and success to a policy of supplying premium only products at fair and reasonable market prices and by giving our customers service “second to none”.

Ausjet Inkjet and Laser Supplies (est. 1986) is a well-known wholesaler (only) of premium inkjet and laser non genuine cartridges, 3D Printing Supplies, PPE Products and Inkjet Papers. We are also well known within the industry for our technical support, industry newsletters and in-house training. 

Why Buy Ausjet Products?

We source and stock the largest range of IP clean, highest quality products within the wholesale printing consumables after market. 

Because we go the extra mile to ensure that all our products meet the highest standards. Our suppliers employ vigorous in-house testing procedures and by using the extensive knowledge of our manufacturers and customers who on occasion test on our behalf.

We decided on the Ausjet Professional series range of non-genuine inkjet compatibles after 6 months testing 5 each of 16 cartridge models from 18 different manufacturers. Yes, it took a long time and was a very expensive exercise. But well worth it in the end as we believe that the PROFESSIONAL COLOUR SERIES (PROCOLOUR) range is the most reliable series of high quality non genuine inkjets available in Australia. PROCOLOUR only use premium dye and pigment inks.

Dye based skus use premium dye components sourced from Germany and pigment dispersion are sourced from one of the most respected suppliers in the USA. 

Many Procolour non genuine inkjet cartridges contain more ink than others which -means better value and more prints! We specify only premium quality dye and pigment inks in our Procolour range-means best quality prints. We only use the very latest chips that ensures that the cartridges are up to date and will work in the latest printers.

Unlike the vast majority of non-genuine compatibles available on the market which only use dye (much cheaper than pigment ink) in all their cartridges-where possible and practical we use a pigment ink -which means sharper prints, smudge, highlighter, UV and water-resistant prints!

We also specialise in Sensient bulk inks so that there are no colloidal shock or coagulation issues when you refill these cartridges. Sensient are known as the finest supplier of finished inkjet inks in the World. They have also produced inks for many OEM inkjet printer companies.

We have been associated with Sensient Inks since 1986 and were appointed as the sole distributor for their complete range of inkjet inks for Australia and New Zealand. After 30 years we have gained extensive knowledge of the inkjet ink industry both in Australia and worldwide. To the best of my knowledge Sensient are probably the only major manufacturer that test their inks in field conditions before releasing them for use in refilling inkjet cartridges.

The above are just some of the examples on how far we are prepared to go to ensure that our clients get the best products and service possible. Where possible we apply the same testing policy to most of our products.

After all, peace of mind should always be part of the deal.

Products offered:

  • Compatible premium Inkjet Cartridges
  • Compatible premium Laser Cartridges
  • Bulk Inkjet Ink
  • Refilling Supplies
  • Refilling Equipment
  • Inkjet Packaging Material
  • Inkjet Refilling Training
  • Refilling Instruction Sheets
  • ​PPE Products
  • 3D Printing Supplies
  • Dye Sublimation paper and Ink
  • Inkjet Paper