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Ausjet Trading hours over the Christmas and New Year Period

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Please see below our scheduled operating times (AEST) over the Festive season:

Friday       - 22 December 2017  8:00am – 12:00 noon
Monday       - 25 December 2017  Closed
Tuesday      - 26 December 2017  Closed
Wednesday    - 27 December 2017  Closed
Thursday     - 28 December 2017  8:00am – 4:00pm
Friday       - 29 December 2017  Closed
Monday       - 01 January  2018  Closed

Should you have any orders that you wish dispatched on Thursday 28 December, please call us on the day or email  .

If you have any urgent orders please email

As courier and shipment deliveries are congested leading into and during the Festive season, we kindly suggest that you place adequate orders early leading into the period.

MobiM8 Hands Free Helper for Mobile Phones now Available!

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We are currently experiencing issues with our telephone service 05-12-17

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Dear Customer,
We are experiencing difficulty with our Commander Telephone Network, consequenly our phones are down.
Please email any request or orders to or call our mobile contact details 0414 572 572

Thank you 

Technical Bulletin 9th October 2017

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Doesn't time fly?

It has been a while since my last technical bulletin and I was thinking now would be a good time to keep everybody informed of what has been happening on the technical side of Ausjet in the last few months.

IBM Branded Cartridges

We have now in stock the IBM Brand cartridges for HP Printers. They are made by one of the largest remanufacturers in the world with the quality assurance and testing performed to IBM specifications. The cartridges are comparable to the OEM with the same page rating, quality printing and IBM's legendary reliability. All covered by an exceptional 3-year warranty.

The IBM brand cartridges are targeted as a direct replacement to the genuine product. You can now offer your customer the IBM cartridges rather than the genuine cartridge and the good news is that you can buy the IBM cartridges at a significantly lower buy price than the genuine.
It's important to remember what people will pay for a product is related to its perceived quality and brand power. People know the IBM brand and its reputation for quality! This is why the IBM brand is so powerful. IBM has consistently being one of the worlds best known brand names and it's even more recognisable than popular printer brands such as HP, Canon, Epson etc.

IBM has a long history of quality business machines dating back to the 1950s. (Flat Earth and moon hoax conspiracy believers stop reading now). The truth is without the IBM computers NASA may of never walked on the moon! They also invented the first true personal computer which in turn everybody copied and the term IBM compatibles was created. Which everybody now knows as a PC. Lexmark was also born out of IBM as Lexmark was originally the IBM printing division. Now Lexmark hardware is owned by a aftermarket printer company, how time flies and things change.

In a industry where the printer user is constantly reminded to buy genuine cartridges and that other supplies may be damaging or of lower quality. The brand power of IBM might just be the perfect foil to this misinformation and make your wallet just that little big thicker.

Cartridge Protection

A chip manufactures in mid September released a bulletin stating that a new firmware style issue had been discovered. The effected printers used the 934/935/970 series cartridges. At the time of writing we are not aware of any issues related to this with any of our chips/cartridges. The manufacturers of our chips are claiming their chips are not affected by this update.

Dye Sublimation Ink

We have started to stock dye sublimation ink for desktop printers that use the epson printhead. Dye sublimation is a process where dye sublimation ink is printed onto a dye sublimation paper. The transfer paper is then fixed to a particular product (ie mug, hat, shirt, plate etc) and heated. The heating allows the ink to transfer to the product.

We now have the dye sublimation ink and dye sublimation paper.

Remax Show in Zhuhai China

Peter and I will be travelling to the Remax show in Zhuhai China tomorrow. At the annual industry show we will get the chance to view hundreds of suppliers products. discuss various topics with our existing suppliers, listen to industry experts about the latest world industry topics and talk the talk as they say.

If you would like us to look for any particular product for you or if you have any technical issue you would like us to look further into for you. Please let me know and we will do our best for you.
Goodbye to Ted Jinks - Printer Refills
We were very sorry to hear that Ted Jinks passed away recently, Ted was the owner of the Printer Refills stores here in Brisbane. A veteran of the industry and a man who I always found to be decent, honest and very likeable. I'm not sure what the next step is for any of us, but I hope that I get the chance to have a chat to you again one day Ted.

I hope this information has been helpful to you.

New Product USB Resetter for LC-231, LC-233, LC-235, LC-237 and LC-239 Cartridges

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New LC-233 USB Resetter

Now available!

USB powered resetter for the highly popular Brother range of cartridges.

With easy to use filling tools, premium Sensient ink and now with the new USB resetter these cartridges are now a breeze to do.

Compatible with the following OEM chips :

LC-231 Bk,C,M,Y
LC-233 BK,C,M,Y
LC-235 C,M,Y
LC-237 Bk
LC-239 Bk

Click on the link below for more information on the Ausjet USB Resetter for Brother LC-233 etc Cartridges.

Note : USB cable not supplied with the resetter

New Product: IBM Brand Toner Cartridges Now Available - OEM Alternative!

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Phone +61 (07) 3823 5433

Fax: +61 (07) 3823 5422

Mail Address: PO BOX 1371, Capalaba, QLD,  4157

Warehouse: 247 South Street, Cleveland, QLD, 4163


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New Product : Ausjet FIVE Star 443 Series Cartridges

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ABN: 13 601 397 737

Phone +61 (07) 3823 5433

Fax: +61 (07) 3823 5422

New Products: PGI-670 CLI-671 Unlimited Resetter & Remanufactured HP62XL Value Pack

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Now Available


Chip Resetter for Canon 

PCI-670 CLI-671 USB Resetter (Unlimited Resets)

New Value Pack for HP

Remanufactured Value Pack ( 2 x HP62XL Black & 1 HP62XL Colour)



Back in Stock

Value Packs for Canon

Remanufactured Value Pack (2 x PG510 & 1 x CL511 Colour)


Remanufactured Value Pack (2 x PG512 & 1 x CL513 Colour) 


For further information, or to place an order,


PH: 07 3823 5433

New Ausjet Cartridges - For HP: 905XL / 909XL / 955XL - For Brother: 3319

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For HP :  905XL/909XL Remanufactured Cartridges
For HP : 955XL Remanufactured Cartridges
For Brother : 3319 Compatible Cartridges 

Introducing the latest addition to the Ausjet Professional Colour Series.

Each cartridge contains the very latest chip and premium quality ink and is packaged in the Ausjet Professional Colour brand retail box. 

For HP Printers

For Brother Printers  
 905_Set_Small.jpg 3319_Set_Small.jpg   
 Sku: PH-909BKXL
OEM Code : 909XL Black T6M21AA
Ink Volume : 50ml
Ink Type : High grade dye ink
 Sku: PH-955BKXL
OEM Code :955XL Black L0S72AA
Ink Volume : 50ml
Ink Type : High grade dye ink
Sku: PB-3319BKXL
OEM Code : LC3319XL Black
Ink Volume : 65ml
Ink Type : High grade dye ink

Sku: PH-905BKXL
OEM Code : 905XL Black T6M17AA
Ink Volume : 30ml
Ink Type : High grade dye ink

Sku: PH-955CXL
OEM Code :955XL Cyan L0S63AA
Ink Volume : 26ml
Ink Type : High grade dye ink
Sku: PB-3319CXL
OEM Code :  LC3319XL Cyan
Ink Volume : 18ml
Ink Type : High grade dye ink
Sku: PH-905CXL
OEM Code : 905XL Cyan T6M05AA
Ink Volume : 12ml
Ink Type : High grade dye ink
 Sku: PH-955MXL
OEM Code : 955XL Magenta L0S66AA
Ink Volume : 26ml
Ink Type : High grade dye ink
 Sku: PB-3319MXL
OEM Code : LC3319XL Magenta
Ink Volume : 18ml
Ink Type : High grade dye ink
Sku: PH-905MXL
OEM Code : 905XL Magenta T6M09AA
Ink Volume : 12ml
Ink Type : High grade dye ink
Sku: PH-955YXL
OEM Code : 955XL Yellow L0S69AA
Ink Volume : 26ml
Ink Type : High grade dye ink
 Sku: PB-3319YXL
OEM Code : LC3319XL Yellow
Ink Volume : 18ml
Ink Type : High grade dye ink
Sku: PH-905YXL
OEM Code : 905XL Yellow T6M13AA
Ink Volume : 12ml
Ink Type : High grade dye ink

Looking for our complete list of inkjet cartridges? Click here

Webstore Search Issue

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To Our Loyal Customers,

Unfortunately our webstore provider has experienced technical difficulties on their end. This means that you cannot use the search function on our website.

We apologise for any  and we are working to resolve this situation as soon as possible.

We have created a workaround where you can search and access SKU's using a spreadsheet. You can access this spreadsheet here.

Alternatively in the meantime you can still phone orders through as normal.

Kind Regards

The Ausjet Team

Disruption to Fax line

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Unfortunately we have had a disruption to our fax line and currently can no longer receive or send faxes. We are working with the telecommunication company to fix this problem asap.

In the mean time please contact us by phone (07) 3823 5433 or email

Phones Operational

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To our Loyal Customers


We'd like to inform you that our phones are fully operational again after the unexpected outage.


Kind Regards
The Ausjet Team