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Buy 6 sets, get 1 free!

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Buy 6 sets, get 1 free! 

Offer available on all Inkjet and Laser cartridges, excluding remanufactured products




Offer available on sets (either individually or in box sets) until COB Friday 22nd June 2018

Not Available with remanufactured products



Technical Bulletin 4th June 2018

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Kodak Bulk Ink


Around twenty years ago I had a chat to a gentleman from Kodak, a certain Doctor in Colour Science who's name now has now unfortunately escaped my memory. I remember thinking how great it would be for us to be able to sell Kodak ink. How fantastic it would be for the industry to have the worlds best Imaging brand and one that demanded so much respect associated with it. It was only a quick chat but one I have always remembered.

For those that don’t know Kodak has a truly amazing history. In April 1880 George Eastman leased the third floor of a building in State Street in Rochester New York and began the commercial manufacture of dry plates. The name Kodak was registered in 1888 and that same year the first Kodak camera was released and took round pictures 6.4cm in diameter. It carried a roll of film of 100 exposures and is regarded as practically starting the amateur photography industry.

From 1888 to now Kodak has been a leader in film, imaging, cameras, imaging, inks, papers and probably a million other products and patented ideas that I wouldn’t have any knowledge about.

So when I noticed Kodak again, I couldn’t help but ask them if they had inks available or could manufacture a custom ink. To my great surprise, they already had started manufacturing inks suitable for our needs. It was a great feeling to receive samples with the Kodak name on it and to be dealing with Rochester in New York.

So it’s a very proud moment for Ausjet to be now associated with the Kodak company. Not only can you now say to your customers "we are using Kodak ink inside the cartridge we just remanufactured for you" but you also are getting ink from a true OEM and the benefits that come with that. Remember Kodak use to also produce their own desktop and wide format printers. They have over 120 years of imaging science behind them, the inks are manufactured to the highest quality, they have probably the smallest pigment particle size in the industry, ultra filtered and all manufactured in the USA. They have tremendous understanding of coatings and ink interaction as they have been manufacturing coated inkjet papers for many years. I could go on forever….

Ausjet supply both Kodak and Sensient! Each are world class ink manufacturers that to be honest, we are very lucky to be able to provide to you. In this world of big business, big contracts and big money this might just be a win for us small guys. Take advantage of it doesn’t happen often!

For our current list of Kodak Inks Click here. In the next few months we will be extending our range of Kodak Inks to cater for more and more cartridge models.



ACCC - HP To Compensate Printer Customers

If you remember back in 2016 in our technical bulletins. We mentioned that there was a firmware update from HP that had caused all sorts of issues with the aftermarket printer cartridges (ie Ausjet etc). The cartridges that were affected were the 934/935, 950/951 and 970/971 and their associated printers :

Officejet Pro 6230, Officejet 6820, Officejet Pro 6830, Officejet Pro 6810, Officejet Pro 6820, Officejet Pro 6830, Officejet Pro X551dw, Officejet Pro X476dw MFP, Officejet Pro X576dw and Officejet Pro X451dw.

There were all sorts of complaints and media attention at the time which led to HP releasing a new firmware update that would allow those cartridges to work again. But it seems the ACCC has now found that the initial firmware update and its damage very has likely to have contravened sections 18,29(1)(g) and 33 of the Australian Consumer Law(ACL).

A compensation program has been put in place to allow customers who were unable to use their printers on or after the 13th of September 2016. So, many of your customers may be entitled to this compensation of $50 Australian dollars.

For more information read the following information from the ACCC and HP.

Here is the link to the compensation program from HP :

New Product : Ausjet 237A Premium Generic Toner

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Exciting News! Kodak Bulk Ink now available!

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Temporary issue with the search function on our site (16-05-18)

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Unfortunately the search functionality is not working this afternoon on our website. We apologise for this issue and hope to have it rectified as soon as possible.

The Ausjet Team

New Ausjet 219 and 232 Drum units for HP Printers now available!

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New Ausjet 500A and 510x Series Cartridges now available!

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Friday the 13th Special

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FRIDAY 13th 60-BR2350 SPECIAL!

Compatible toner to suit Brother printers/MFP's

One day only - $13.00 ex GST!

Minimum order QTY 4

Not Available with any other offer. Must end Midnight Friday 13th 2018.

Technical Bulletin 29-03-18

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New Sensient Line card

Sensient has an excellent reputation as one of the highest quality inkjet ink manufacturers. It's been the trusted brand for professional refillers/recyclers in the Australasian region for over 15 years.

The good news is that they have made modified their inks so that less inks now covers a wider range of cartridges. This reduces the number of inks that you have to stock.

Are you aware that Sensient use to manufacture inks for two of the biggest desktop printer companies?

Important : New Ways to Implement Firmware Updates from Samsung

Samsung has introduced a number of new things that can potentially cause hiccups to the aftermarket industry.

1) Firmware has been upgraded in new printer models. (So keep an eye out for any compatibility issues)
2) Samsung printer firmware can now be upgraded by just installing a new genuine toner cartridge, this is a new function of the chip on the cartridge.

As an example if your customer installs a new genuine cartridge the firmware of the printer may be upgraded. If the firmware is not compatible with the aftermarket cartridges that are already in the machine then those cartridges will fail on the spot. This is a potential nightmare for us all!

We haven't seen any major issues as of yet but we believe its best to be aware of this potential problem. 

Easter Special from Ausjet!

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Easter Special from Ausjet!

This must end close of business Thursday the 29th March 2018

Buy 12 of any SKU- Get 1 free!

Not Available with any other offer.

One Day Deal... The Boss is on a long weekend!

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The Boss is on a long weekend!

This must end COB Friday 23rd March 2018

10% off all orders over $500 ex GST

Not Available with any other offer.

Ausjet Trading hours over the Christmas and New Year Period

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Please see below our scheduled operating times (AEST) over the Festive season:

Friday       - 22 December 2017  8:00am – 12:00 noon
Monday       - 25 December 2017  Closed
Tuesday      - 26 December 2017  Closed
Wednesday    - 27 December 2017  Closed
Thursday     - 28 December 2017  8:00am – 4:00pm
Friday       - 29 December 2017  Closed
Monday       - 01 January  2018  Closed

Should you have any orders that you wish dispatched on Thursday 28 December, please call us on the day or email  .

If you have any urgent orders please email

As courier and shipment deliveries are congested leading into and during the Festive season, we kindly suggest that you place adequate orders early leading into the period.